Solid Cone Spray Nozzle


Full cone nozzle form complete spray coverage in a round or square shaped area.
It provides an uniform spray distribution of medium to large size drops resulting from their vane design which features large flow passage and control characteristics. This is extensively used style in industry


Characteristics Internal vane design features large flow passage and fine control.
Design Removal vane
Type round pattern, square patten, Oval Solid Cone, Wall mounted Type.
Application Surface Spraying , washing and cooling of the gases toremove fly ash,
cooling condenser, scrubbing, foam breaking.
Flow Rate 1 LPM to 8000 LPM
Pressure 2.0 Kg/cm²

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1/8 18 8 12 mm
1/4 22 10 14 mm
3/8 25 10.5 17 mm
1/2 32 13 22 mm
3/4 42 16 27 mm
1 56 18 36 mm