Pneumatic Sensor -RPV

Edge sensor RPV Type is purely Pneumatic, its operation is based on rotary piston principle.
A rotary piston opens in the air supply to the respective cylinder chamber proportionally to the position of the sensor paddle.

At the same time the venting passage to the opposite cylinder chamber is opened. The value is completely closed when the midway position. In this case air is required for the positioning movements only.

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Pneumatic Edge Sensor – Mechanical Type- RPV
Measuring range +/- 50 mm
Pneumatic Pressure 2.5 – 3.5 bar
Compressed air treatment Filtered compressed air with water removed
Plate contact force Approx 2 N
Dead Zone +/- 5 mm
Ambient Temperature +10 to 150°
Material Value housing
Wet area : Bronze
Dry area: nickle-plated brass
Plate: stainless steel, optionally plate