Oscillator AIC-5001

About Oscillator AIC-5001

At Abhi Industrial Corporation we manufacture the quality oscillators which are well designed by the expertise. As an Oscillator renowned seller we want to give optimum usage of the resource. Thus, they can be adjusted in all kind of shower. Below discussed are the features of Oscillator found here.


– Moisture proof assembly
– Rugged and proven Reversible Ball Screw with Teflon seal
– Auto Speed synchronization with paper machine DCS system
– Overrun protection by stopping to avoid mechanical damage
– Programmable variable stroke length
– Predetermined maintenance schedule
– Minimal maintenance (periodic greasing)
– Can be installed with any make of shower
– Remote start/stop from paper machine control centre
– Auto water shutoff in case of oscillator malfunctioning
– Precision speed adjustment
– All exposed parts are of Stainless Steel

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Dandy Roll
– Couch Roll
– Sheet side high pressure shower wire/felt cleaning
– Inside high pressure shower wire cleaning
– Grooved Roll
– Pick Up Roll


– In put Voltage: 220 AC. 1 Ph. 50 / 60 Hz.
– Motor Out put Voltage: 220 AC. 3 Ph.
– Motor speed (Oscillator Speed) can be control by VFD. Speed can be changed manually or automatically. For Auto mode, 4-20 ma / 0-10 V (feed back) is required from field.
– Oscillation speed ranges from a minimum of 10mm / min. to a maximum speed of 150 mm / min.
– Stroke length can be adjusted by PLC. (From 10 mm to 300 mm)
– Overload setting facility available.
– 2 nos. Field inter-lock (potential free contact) & Run feedback facility available at Panel.

Oscillating speed mm/min =Loop length (m) machine speed (m/min) x nozzle dia (mm)