Micro travel Variable Speed Oscillator

Micro travel variable speed oscillator manufactured at ABHI ensures the quality product at the best
price. These are efficiently working micro travel variable speed oscillator which assures efficient working with minimum wastage. Below are the specifications and advantages of the micro travel speed oscillator manufactured here.


  • Oscillator assembly provides continuous movement of showers to ensure good coverage
  • Optimized cleaning efficiency
  • Minimum water use
  • Improve paper and felt / wire Quality
  • Easy to use control unit user adjustable speed and stroke setting. Setting can be stored
  • Inner or side mounting option available


  • All SS 316 construction for every wet condition.
  • Stroke length available 100 to 300 mm
  • Variable speed from 4 to 75 mm/min suitable for machine speed from 100 to 1250 mtrs/min
  • Auto synchronizations with machine speed
  • Oil Dipped mechanism
  • Planetary gear box greased for life
  • Transverse screw arrangement/ reversible ball screw – Zero dwell time
  • Special imported motor, TEFC, 30 w, 12v Single Phase
  • Special Motor made in France oscillator speed can variable without VED
  • Variable speed oscillator without VFD. No tension for moisture problem in
  • SS 316, enclosure –ip 65. Oscillator can run in dipped water
  • Control panel: ip 54 with, SMPS. ( France). 15 mtrs cable with industrial