High Pressure SS Shower

The S.S self cleaning shower comes with a disc type jet nozzle & a brush assembly. In order to achieve
the desired quality of paper it is necessary that the shower systems are in place. To achieve optimum
and effective spray of water, the spray angle has been maintained at 60o . This ensures that the felt is
covered completely by the shower system

It utilizes a hand wheel to rotate the brush assembly. The brushes do not shut down the spraying
operation. The shower continues to spray during the flush out operation. The brush sections are staggered at 120o intervals along the shower. Large passages between the brush sections allow full flow while the system operates. Brush interference with the nozzle inlet does not adversely affect the performance when the flush out valve is in the full operating position.

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1. Shower piping is 316 Stainless Steel
2. Nozzle type, orifice size and spacing are carefully matched to the shower’s application
3. Nozzle basses are welded to the pipe
4. Brush assembly to perform cleaning operation.


1. Rugged in construction
2. Simple in Operation
3. Back water can be used
4. Cleaning operation performed in minutes.
5. Ideal for other papermaking application.
6. Improves quality of paper.