Flat Spray Nozzle with Dove Tail Design

Uniform parabolic distribution of liquid, headers, equipped with these nozzles, show a highly uniform total distribution of liquids even at different installation heights and centers
Nozzle position fixed by self setting dove-tail Flat jet preset at 15° and 5° pipe axis.
Characteristic : Uniform flat spray with knife-like cutting edge, accurate jet alignment.


Roll Cooling
High pressure cleaning etc


Spray angle 15° to 120°
Flat rate 1 to 100 LPM
Pressure 2.0 Kg/cm² or specified
Connection Mounted with aid of Dovetail, Fixing Dovetail Nipple & Retaining nut.
Standard accessories welding nipple and screwed nut.


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G L1 H
3/8 14.8 12 mm
3/4 24 14 mm