Chemical Process Pumps Type Aiccp


CPType pumps are used in Chemical & Petrochemical Industry, Food Industry, Dyeing Industry, Sugar Industry, Paper & Pulp Industry, Sea Water Desalination Plants, Power Stations and Absorption Plants in Environmental Engineering & Etc. Handing of all types of Clear Liquor, Acids, Dyes, Hydrocarbons, Chlorinated liquor, Back Liquor, Condensate Water, Pulp (Consistency up to 1%) & Etc.


Horizontal Back Pull Out Design Pump. Closed Impeller construction with one roller bearing on pump end, one double row angular contact ball bearing on drive end and designed in accordance with DIN 2533 / ISO 2858 / ANSI B 16.5.


Capacity : Up to 900 M3/Hr
Head : Up to 140 Mtrs (459 Feet)
Temperature : Up to 200 C (392* F)
Casting Presure : Up to 16 Kg / cm2
Pumps Size (Delivery Bore) : 32 mm to 200mm
Speed : Up to 2900 rpm
Direction of Rotation : Clockwise from drive end


  • Back Pull Out Design
  • Steady Flow
  • Energy Efficient
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Low NPSH
  • Noise &Maintenance Free
  • Environment Friendly
  • Shaft Deflection Below 0.05mm
  • Bearing Life-More Than 17000 Operating Hours

Graded CAST IRON, WCB, CF8, CF8M, SS317L, CD4MCu. ALLOY 20, HASTALLOY ‘B’ & ‘C’, Etc.