Autoguide Cylindrical type

With years of experience in the auto guide cylindrical manufacturing industry we are able to offer a huge assortment. The expertise in the area designed and develops the product with the international standards using high quality components and cutting-edge technology. We provide the auto guide in various specifications at the most reasonable prices.


  • Robust, Enclosed Design
  • Mechanical Feedback unit for excellent guiding result
  • Low Internal Friction.
  • Flexible Mounting position
  • Maintenance Friendly


  • The Portion of sensing palm that comes in contact with a
    Ceramic coated strips thus giving a very long life to the palm and also avoid any damage to the fabric due to wear on the sensing palm
  • Suitable for wires felt & dryer fabric
  • Normal working pressure @ 3.0 Kg/CM2
  • Adjustable stroke maximum stroke up to 60 mm on either side
  • Return to central or present position in the event of air system failure
  • Built in manual over ride